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Energy poverty has traditionally been defined by wintertime heating, but it is just as important during the summer months, and the devastating summer heat in 2023 proves this. About 19 % of households in the EU reported being too hot during the summer, and this share is constantly increasing in last decades. In this context, the EU-funded COOLTORISE project aims to establish a framework on summer energy poverty to define common solutions.
Book your seat for the workshop 'Energy for the invisible citizen: in search for lasting renewable and fair solutions', October 18th in-person from 9:30-12h in the lovely historic city centre of Modena. We will shed light on the diverse reasons and consequences of energy poverty. It's part of Energy Cities' Annual Conference from 18-20 October in Modena.
As energy prices started to peak in 2022, the Belgian federal government handed out one-off heating premiums to reduce people's sky-high energy bills. “However, such premiums are like a plaster on a wooden leg,” says Jan De Pauw of energy cooperative Ecopower. “People are only helped temporarily with such a check. Invest that premium in a local energy cooperative and you get a completely different story.”
Arturo Zea from the POWER UP pilot Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation, describes why the topic of community energy is a priority for Valencia. He also takes us back to how everything started with the first energy community in Valencia, in Castellar L’Oliveral. It is the very first energy community where the city makes it possible for energy poor people to be directly involved.
This winter, the number of British citizens struggling to pay their bill has reached undreamed levels. An estimated 9 million people in the country are affected and do not know how to heat or light their home, how to cool their food, how to sleep carefree. Easy hacks on how to reduce energy consumption are nice, but not enough to improve their lives. That is why, in a recent article, POWER UP partner Ami Crowther from University of Manchester, together with energy poverty experts Stefan Bouzarovski and Neil Simcock call for a national energy advice service.
Never before has energy poverty been such a serious threat to so many European citizens as it is now. Since the current energy crisis started, national Parliaments and local governments all over the EU discuss what immediate measures can be taken to help people come through this winter without freezing and starving. The latest POWER UP report may guide decision-making.