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Do you need some practical guidance on new ways to support people in energy poverty?

Energy poverty has a number of drivers and causes, which can be context specific, differing between countries and regions. One option to combat the structural causes is having energy market players with a social agenda.

Social Energy Market Players offer energy services designed in a way as to provide long-term and permanent solutions to local energy market failures, such as energy poverty and/or low investments in renewable energy. This means their mission goes beyond one-off or temporary energy poverty mitigation measures. Social Energy Market Players can take various forms, including fully or partially owned municipal energy providers, citizen-led energy cooperatives and targeted mitigation mechanisms.

This is the place where you can find in the coming months several useful tools for city administrations wanting to create energy market players with a social impact.

📥 Guidelines on engagement with vulnerable households (September 2022): a practical guide and toolkit for practitioners looking to engage not only vulnerable households in social energy projects, but other partners and stakeholders as well.

📥 Guidelines on RES production business case: how to do, what to take into account (December 2023)

Watch out for resources to come:

6 national guides for a step-by-step approach to set up social energy market players tackling energy poverty;
Brochure on setting up social energy market players.

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