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In Spain, POWER UP will implement a pilot scheme in Valencia. It’s the third-largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, located on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, 790.201 inhabitants.

Valencia is one of the 6 European pilots that act as “living labs”: each of them will implement novel business models around renewable energy or energy efficiency services together with households affected by energy poverty and with local stakeholders (municipalities, social organisations, energy utilities, citizen cooperatives etc.).

Inhabitants in Valencia
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National energy poverty rate in Spain in 2020
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The energy poverty issue

Energy poverty in the city of Valencia was measured in 2016 with an energy poverty mapping study supported by the Polytechnical University of Valencia. Since then, Valencia has made big efforts to defend the Right to Energy and mitigate energy poverty, e.g. by creating a one-stop-shop for vulnerable households coordinated by the local energy agency.

Renewable energy production and energy community

Valencia implements several projects to speed up the deployment of local PV energy communities in the city. The Council has already reviewed all the local administrative and regulatory barriers of solar PV installations to remove them and to facilitate their deployment, together with a proposal of subsidy taxes to promote them.

Spanish Partners

LAS NAVES is a Foundation promoted by València City Council whose aim is to promote social and urban innovation putting people at the center of innovative action. It accompanies processes and initiatives that can provide innovative solutions to the real problems of citizenship and urban challenges, strengthening the social structures of the territory, through knowledge and technology, putting innovation at the service of citizenship, to contribute to governance and social cohesion.


The Foundation is driving and implementing the city’s climate change strategy in its different aspects. The Foundation is developing activities to tackle climate change, mitigation and adaptation to ensure climate justice and energy democracy for all the inhabitants of the city of Valencia.


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Sister organisation​

Each pilot organisation has found a ‘sparring partner’ organisation in its region which expressed its intention to replicate the pilot scheme.


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Pilot News

Arturo Zea from the POWER UP pilot Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation, describes why the topic of community energy is a priority for Valencia. He also takes us back to how everything started with the first energy community in Valencia, in Castellar L’Oliveral. It is the very first energy community where the city makes it possible for energy poor people to be directly involved.
Never before has energy poverty been such a serious threat to so many European citizens as it is now. Since the current energy crisis started, national Parliaments and local governments all over the EU discuss what immediate measures can be taken to help people come through this winter without freezing and starving. The latest POWER UP report may guide decision-making.