Co-designing energy services with/for vulnerable communities

This conference session is part of the Energy Cities Annual Forum – see full programme

Energy is a precious good that can’t be taken for granted by all of us. So how can we protect the most vulnerable and how can we shape a fair energy system? This session will focus on different ways to tackle energy poverty and to make sure energy services fit the needs of those who are often marginalized.

Audience: Cities, cooperatives, civil society groups, co-owner associations, solar PV federations, green electricity suppliers, public companies (district heating etc.), SMEs, climate groups

10:30-10:40Introduction to the theme and sharing of some key new guides Miriam Eisermann– Energy Cities Laura Williams – Carbon Coop  
10:40-11:00Use your smart brain to share and ponder potential data and digital tool dilemmas DATA AND DIGITAL TOOLS Good data can support better decision-making and be a force of change. In this capacity building session we will discuss how that can help cities and their local stakeholders become not only smarter, but also provide fairer places. 5-minute pitch by: Pau Balcells, Municipal Data Office at Barcelona City Council Followed by facilitated Q&A plus opinions and experience sharing from participants
11:00-11:25Get down to business to debate specific models that support the vulnerable BUSINESS MODELS Local governments and cooperatives need to combine their social and environmental mission. Many of them are seeking for new ways of tapping into the local energy potential while tackling energy poverty. Let’s discover existing financially viable business models with which an organization can provide energy services in an equitable and sustainable way.  5-minute pitch by: Hugo Weisbecker, Energie solidairesJan De Pauw, Ecopower Followed by facilitated Q&A plus opinions and experience sharing from participants
11:25-11:50Critique and discover some cutting-edge engagement strategies ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES Inclusivity is a key word when it comesto providing energy services. People who struggle with having a comfortable home, paying their bill or treating energy poverty related diseases are rarely involved in citizen energy initiatives. Why is that so and how can we make it easier for everybody to not only access clean and renewable energy but also play an active part in finding solutions? 5-minute pitch by: Giovanna Speciale, South East London Community Energy (SELCE)Paula Damaska – ZEZ Followed by facilitated Q&A plus opinions and experience sharing from participants  
11:50 – 12:00Final summary – Britt Jurgensen, Carbon Co-op and Ian Turner, Energy Cities
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