October 18th in Modena (Italy): Energy for the invisible citizen – in search for lasting renewable & fair solutions

Book your seat for the workshop ‘Energy for the invisible citizen: in search for lasting renewable & fair solutions’, October 18th in-person from 9:30-12h in the lovely historic city centre of Modena. We will shed light on the diverse reasons and consequences of energy poverty. It’s part of Energy Cities’ Annual Conference from 18-20 October in Modena.


This summer with its dramatic heat waves all over Europe has been hard. As the next winter comes in, different, but similar challenges lie ahead for certain parts of the population. The situation is systematically worse for specific parts of the population who often remain invisible for policy action: people with low-income, specific health conditions or those who are part of a minority.
Short-term support doesn’t go far enough. Structural and systemic changes in the energy supply and public policy are needed to truly improve the condition of vulnerable households.
During this session, city experts involved in innovative EU-funded projects (POWER UP, Wellbased, Cooltorise, Shape EU) will share their insights and experience in testing systemic changes to alleviate energy poverty. We are going to address questions related to housing and health, renewable energy access, summer energy poverty, and gender. Together we will also explore the mistakes and the respective lessons learned in the different EU initiatives and projects.

9:00-9:30 Welcome
9:30-10:30 Social impact hackers – Facilitated thematic workshop around energy poverty

Parallel focus discussions with exchange of experience and challenges

Group 1: Housing & health
Group 2: Renewable energy access and energy justice
Group 3: Summer energy poverty

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 Flopcast: Sharing bad practices on fighting energy poverty

World café about no-go’s and mistakes we made when fighting energy poverty (and what we can learn from them).
Topic 1: Fixing mistakes in engagement and communications
Topic 2: Fixing mistakes delivering actions to alleviate energy poverty;
Topic 3: Fixing mistakes in policy.

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📍Venue: Hostel Modena San Filippo Neri (Room: Convegni), Via Sant’Orsola, 52, 41121 Modena, Italy

About co-organiser COOLTORISE:

Since September 2021,this H2020-funded project performs targeted activities in 4 EU countries to raise awareness on summer energy poverty in order to stimulate a reduction in energy use during the hottest months of the year. Check out: https://cooltorise.eu